The Italian word “mezzo” means “middle” and also “means”. We act as the intermediary between owners, businesses and artists, with the aim of providing the means to conceptualise and complete new projects.

Sensitive to the needs of businesses and the people who make them, Since 2008, Di Mezzo manages and provides exceptional locations, selected for their cultural significance. We welcome groups to these meaningful locations, provide consultation and organise events that are in tune with your company.

Once we have fully understood the objectives of your meetings, we allocate the human resources and materials necessary for them to go to plan, with the aim of ensuring their effectiveness.

"Art is the shortest path from man to man"
(André Malraux).

Di Mezzo develops a cultural policy and organises exhibitions to promote the link between the businesses, the public and the artists that it invites to discuss architecture, to showcase their cultural significance.

Di Mezzo is also a sponsor of the Circulation(s) festival which supports young European photographers, D gallery for artisttic projects, and Art Community association for contemporary collection.


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