The spirit of places

Of the foundater Stéphanie Guizol

Di Mezzo was born from the desire to offer companies an environment in which people have their place. Take employees out of the work context by taking a step into another world. For more than 10 years, Di Mezzo has been welcoming you to its spaces and your reactions after the working sessions are always the same: "The particular and cultural atmosphere of the place, the warm and attentive welcome are conducive to the exchange of ideas and creativity sought by our groups".

Finding the time to slow down is essential, even as we race against the clock. I have chosen to support culture and exhibit artists in order to invite our visitors to open their spirit to communication. Art is the shortest path from man to man (André Malraux). The dialogue can then begin to take shape.

I chose "Le Cloître ouvert" ,"La Charbonerie" in Paris and "Le Couvent de la Tourette" and "Manifesta" in Lyon, for this extra soul that they naturally generate through their architecture.

“To be happy in one’s work is to be happy in our places.”

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