La Charbonerie : une oasis urbaine pour les entreprises

Testimony of Pierre Bremart, Deloitte consulting

March 2019
Puteaux, a few steps from La Défense. At the Charbonerie, Di Mezzo has breathed his DNA into the place: hosting corporate events "like at home". This former coal storage warehouse has now taken the form of a cosy and warm loft complete with leather armchairs, piano, bar, vintage furniture and objects, paintings by contemporary artists*. Perfect little cocoon for moments of cohesion between colleagues, questioning the evolution of a profession or reflection on the needs and objectives of your company. Pierre Bernart, Director at Deloitte Sustainable Development, immediately felt it when he organized his "Smart Citizen" workshop:
"We chose the Charbonerie because we needed a place in the heart of the city and at the centre of an ecosystem that was our theme for the day. The Charbonerie has allowed us to create a privileged working space for a few hours.

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La Charbonerie, pictures and spirit of the place
17 rue de l'oasis, 92800 Puteaux, France (La Défense)