Le Lieu, by Madame C.

226 rue Saint Denis,
In the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, France

A creative, multidisciplinary space dedicated to fashion


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The site

Le Lieu is the design firm behind Madame C. It embodies the spirit, elegance and vision of fashion designer Carolina Ritzler.

Many events take place in this multidisciplinary space, where the designer's art and spirit is revealed. It is a space for artistic freedom and inspiration, in which anyone can express themselves.

Welcome to the world of Madame C; a dynamic stage where we live life to its fullest - a remarkable free space where everything is influenced by games! A world in which anything is possible.

The space is modular and can be converted into exhibitions, showrooms and film sets, as well as play host to auditions, photo shoots, seminars, workshops, meetings, training exercises, parties or some drinks after work with colleagues…

Le lieu is made up of two floors and several rooms, over a 280 m2 area.

At the entrance, the bar at the showroom display our collections. They encourage visitors to relax
and make themselves at home.
Further ahead there is a stage, where everyone is encouraged to perform whatever they like. You can sing, dance and hold conferences all in the same place! It's both a concert hall and a dance hall, thanks to its large mirror.

Ground floor: 151 m2  - max capacity of 90 people for cocktail parties – 40 people for meetings.

In the basement, there is a photo studio, a kitchen, a workshop and a cellar with a high ceiling.

Basement: 129 m2 – max capacity of 90 people for cocktail parties – 30 people for meetings.
The property

Le Lieu is located in central Paris, overlooking a courtyard, at the foot of a distinctive 18th-century stone hotel, designed by architect Jacques Hardouin-Mansart de Lévi.

At the start, le lieu was a clothing manufacturing workshop. It has a well-earned place in the textile manufacturing traditions of Paris' Sentier district.
This is where the clothes made by Madame C are designed, created, photographed and sold at the shop at 226 Rue Saint Denis. As such, these clothes fit perfectly into the district's customs as